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All About Pedicures

For a REGULAR PEDICURE, we put a peppermint tablet (sanitizer) into the water. We then cut and file your toenails, and push back your cuticles with oil. Then we scrub and remove dead skin from your feet, and use mint scrub on your legs. After rinsing, we use a hot towel to dry your legs, then we use lotion to give your legs a full massage. We then put alcohol on your toenails to make sure they are fully sanitized and we put on nail polish last.


For a SPA PEDICURE, we also put in the peppermint tablet in the water, but we add mineral bath too. We then put a lemon tonic mask onto your legs and let it sit while we cut, file, and push back cuticles. After we scrub and remove dead skin from your feet, we use Royal Verbena salt scrub with a sea scrub exfoliant on your legs. Then we rinse and use hydrating lotion for your leg massage, and put the lavender paraffin wax on your feet for 10-15 minutes. After washing that off, we use cucumber heel therapy before we put polish on your toes.


**If you would like an additional 10 minute massage on your feet and/or legs, it’s $15 extra. For an additional 20 minutes, it’s $25 extra


They say that the average person walks the equivalent of four times around the world in their lifetime. Don’t you think your feet deserve a little pampering? While your nail technician is working on your feet, they are doing more than just playing with your toes. Removing the dead skin and calluses helps to improve the appearance as well as your comfort. Having calluses on your feet can cause uneven pressure when you walk or stand that can also lead to the pain you feel when on your feet all day.


Many pedicurists also use foot reflexology while giving pedicures. This helps stimulate the blood flow to the feet and legs and provides the relaxation you feel when someone is massaging. The massage in a pedicure or manicure is one of the most important parts. Massaging certain spots on someone’s foot sends signals to other parts of the body to encourage overall health improvement anywhere in the body. Depending on the amount of pressure, the area being worked on, and the ailment of concern you can see results from eyes to liver to solar plexus. In the case of spa pedicures with various scents there are additional benefits above and beyond the physical. It has been a studied for years that certain scents and oils can be beneficial for improving circulation, focus, memory and mood. Pedicures that incorporate scents often have several of these benefits included with them. The smell of lime invigorates the mind, sugar excites, vanilla relaxes. All of these may seem like simple scents you are paying more for but are actually making your pedicure great, instead of just good.

Leaving the salon with pretty toes may seem like the only reward you get, but you are also gaining a good mood and better health. Besides, it never hurts to have pretty toes.


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